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Ellison Art Glass specialize in exquisitely handcrafted decorative glass and mirrors, employing the traditional techniques of brilliant cutting, sandblasting, hand silvering and gilding. With over twenty five years of experience working on many exclusive and prestigious projects worldwide, we blend the craftsmanship of the past with innovative and contemporary ideas, to create unique and beautifully crafted original mirrors, mirrored walls and ceilings, clear and obscured screens, furniture and artwork.

We are also able to replicate damaged or missing panels on original period glass and restore authentic Venetian mirrors, based on original broken pieces, rubbings or photographs.

Our personal service includes:

  • Consultation - we can advise on the types of glass, techniques and finishes to suit the design and budget of your project
  • Research - we can help develop your ideas and create the perfect solution to match the style, location and purpose of the finished piece
  • Design - using a combination of hand drawings and CAD software, virtually any design is possible
  • Presentation - once a design is finalised we can supply various scaled drawings and produce glass samples for your approval
  • Manufacture - all of the glass artwork and finishes are created by hand in our own studio. Visits and images of your work in progress are available on request

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Bespoke glass and mirrors for interiors, be it private residential, corporate office, hotel or restaurant.

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