Ellison Art Glass are glass and mirror artisans, blending traditional handcrafting techniques and time-honoured skills passed down from generation to generation with contemporary ideas to create striking and exquisitely decorated glass and mirror surfaces for the finest interiors.

All of our work starts with a humble piece of clear glass… by hand we cut, shape, bevel, engrave, etch, water gild and silver to turn the ordinary into an object of beauty. With artistic flair, technical skill and a passion for design we specialise in the bespoke, whether the need is for sensitive restoration, traditional Venetian decoration, sophisticated antique mirror finishes or a one of a kind design that pushes the boundaries of the decorative arts.

With over 30 years experience working on exclusive and prestigious projects across the globe, we have been commissioned by and have collaborated with many award winning interior designers, architects and artists to provide uniquely embellished mirror and decorative glass for hotels, restaurants, private residences, palaces, yachts and aircraft.

Specialists in decorative glass and mirror finishes

Handcrafted in the UK


We have a large selection of samples demonstrating our various techniques and finishes that we can loan out for up to 3 weeks. The samples in our library and on our website are representative of the work we have produced and are by no means exhaustive… any design can be scaled, modified or translated to one or more of our techniques to suit your exact requirements.

Alternatively, if you have an idea or design brief for your project, we can produce bespoke samples for you or your client's approval; these can be taken from drawings, CAD files or other reference material such as pattern reference books, wallpaper or fabric swatches. As a bespoke item we would usually make a small charge for these samples that would be deducted from the final cost when an order is confirmed.

NB. Our samples are individually made and expensive to produce, therefore we would need to charge if loaned samples are lost or returned damaged. As all of our samples are handmade, it is in their nature that they are unique and variation between panels will occur… whilst we endeavour to match to samples as closely as possible, we cannot guarantee an identical match and any samples provided should be used as an indication of finish only.

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