Hand Bevelling

Hand bevelling is the traditional craft of grinding the edge of the glass to produce a chamfered, decorative border. A bevelled edge creates a prismatic effect to the edge of the glass and is more prominent when used on mirrored glass, producing a different reflection to each angled face.

Bevelling by hand means that we can bevel the smallest and most intricate of shapes... Venetian pieces, rosettes, narrow strips and baguettes, clock faces and internal mitres are all achievable, all of which are impossible to produce on modern bevelling machines.

For the replication or restoration of Venetian, Victorian and Art Deco mirrors, or for an opulent detail for today's luxury interiors, we can produce highly decorative edgework, including bead, rope, scollop and pie crust bevels.

Intricate Shapes and Internal Mitres

Shaped and bevelled by hand, complex interlocking pieces of mirror can be assembled to form spectacular creations, and can be used for mirrored frames, borders and surrounds, luxurious details on furniture, mirrored walls and pilasters, or for stunning standalone artwork.

Mirror Rosettes

Shaped and hand bevelled decorative rosettes, designed for covering mirror joins and mirrored walls where the edges or corners abut.

Decorative Bevelled Edgework

Decorative bevels capture and diffuse light in a myriad of directions, producing an amazing prismatic effect and can only be achieved by the highly skilled craft of hand bevelling.